Onscreen Magazine is a publication devoted to independent filmmaking, produced by 911 Media Art Center in Seattle. In 2007 Misha Neininger, a former Executive Director of 911, asked me to come in and create a new look for the magazine.
A complete redesign of a magazine includes:
▪ New identity system, including logo/wordmark for the title
▪ New layout, type hierarchy and stronger greed
▪ A set of supporting graphic elements
I started the redesign process with the logo. The new identity system was going to determine the overall look and feel for the magazine, and help select typefaces that would look great together throughout the magazine. And so Onscreen mark was born.
Onscreen’s new logo was very well received by the team of people working on the magazine and by the public. People loved how the facing “EE”s hinted to the screen, or a slide, or a viewing window filmmaker use to find the perfect shot.
The mark is clean, iconic and easily recognizable. In my experience the strongest marks are often born from using the letterforms you are given. Two facing “EE”s also provided me with a great supporting element.
Shortly before my one year with 911 Media Art Center was over, I have starter working on a second layout redesign. The production schedule for this magazine was very intense and so a simpler yet bolder layout was designed.