Who didn’t use to dream of becoming a rock star when they grew up?
Well, me for one. But I did dream of designing an album cover for one.
With many people now able to listen to music on their computers, mp3 players, and even their mobile phones, album artwork has become more important than ever. It needs to convey the style and image of an artist with just a few pictures - not an easy task. But CD packaging can make all the difference to an artist's commercial success, and I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of that process.
Plaimaka is a talented songwriter and up-and-coming rapper in the growing Seattle hip hop scene. Pretty famous among his crowd already, he performs his songs in clubs all over town. He came to AUA Design on the referral of one of my current clients, and I got to hear his music.
To be honest, I was not that familiar with rap culture before starting work on this project. But a good designer gets to know her client, his audience and anything else that might be relevant. Plaimaka’s music is very personal, authentic. As the art director, designer and photographer for the project, I knew I had to create a CD cover that would reflect this quality. It was a lot of fun working with Plaimaka, and we ended up getting the perfect cover photo after only one day of shooting.
But the real magic is always showing a happy client the final product when it arrives from the printer. It’s kind of like Christmas.